Alternate Housing Options

EAD participants may also wish to consider booking a room at one of the nearby hotels in Arlington (EAD reduced hotel rate will not apply):

Embassy Suites Crystal City-National Airport (located next door to the Doubletree)
1300 Jefferson Davis Hwy
Arlington, VA 22202
Phone: (703) 979-9799

Holiday Inn National Airport / Crystal City 
2650 Jefferson Davis Hwy
Arlington, VA 22202
Phone: (703) 684-7200

Radisson Reagan Airport
2020 Jefferson Davis Hwy

Arlington, VA 22202
Phone: (703) 920-8600

We also recognize that many people wish to come to EAD but may find the cost of hotel accommodations to be a challenge. We seek to provide you with some tips and information on this page regarding means to cut costs when seeking housing in the Greater Washington, DC Area for our national gathering and lobby day here and will keep this page up-to-date with additional information or suggestions as they become available.

  • Consider if your denomination or church community has connections with a similar community in the DC area and inquire through your church community with the DC-based church to see if there is space available for guests.
  • See if your local church will offer partial or full support for the registration at the national gathering or for accommodations  In exchange, perhaps you might offer to give a presentation on what you learned and experienced at EAD when you return to encourage others to come next year!
  •  See if there is a group from your church or your city or town coming to EAD. When travelling in large enough groups, you can save significant costs for transportation as well as accommodations. (If you are staying at the hotel, you can book a room with 2 double beds and split it between 2-4 people, or even 5 or 6 if you don’t mind a tight squeeze with rollaway beds!)
  • There are several hosteling organizations in the Greater Washington, DC Area which are affordable and Metro accessible, providing good public transportation options to-and-from the hotel site of our national gathering. Visit for a review of possible locations. Do remember to check for accessibility to DC’s Metro (subway) system when booking a hostel and remember to factor in the cost of this transportation when planning.
  • The Washington Peace Center provides a good list of alternative housing options for advocacy visits to Washington, D.C. Depending on the size of your group or party you may wish to consult their mass housing options or their smaller housing options.
  • Consider use of a space sharing service such as

Note: Ecumenical Advocacy Days is not responsible for making any shared accommodation plans for you or your group. This includes hotel roomshares. You must make these arrangements on your own.

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