God's Earth and
People Restored


National Gathering & Lobby Day

Ecumenical Advocacy Days is an annual gathering of Christian advocates and activists. We worship, delve deeply into the pressing issues of the day, and lift our voices by speaking truth to power on Capitol Hill.

The 2021 theme is "“Imagine! God’s Earth and People Restored.” EAD 2021 is an opportunity to support this global movement centered on and led by the people and communities most vulnerable to climate impacts due to historic racial and colonial inequities. Together, we will passionately advocate and reimagine a world that lives out the values of justice, equity and the beloved community.

EAD 2021 was a virtual gathering, held April 18-21, 2021.

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#EAD2021 was held within the Attendify online event platform - featuring Zoom-based plenaries and workshops, a virtual Community, and more.

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Our worship service is available to church pastors and lay leaders for use in your local churches during the month of April.

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