Oxfam America Continues to Resource for Food Justice

May 29, 2013

– May 29, 2013 –

WASHINGTON – EAD 2013 sponsor Oxfam America is continuing to provide resources for efforts to promote food justice in the United States and abroad. After organizing a successful Lunch Plenary as part of April’s EAD National Gathering, “At God’s Table: Food Justice for a Healthy World,”  and other workshops at the event, Oxfam America representative Noémie Hailu noted, “We hope that the featured speakers from Guatemala, El Salvador, Ghana and the U.S. were able to shed some light on the struggles communities are facing to claim their rights to access land, clean water and food; and to live in peace and security.”

Oxfam America continues to offer a variety of resources related to food justice, including website pages dedicated to Extractive Industries and GROW, as well as frequent updates about new and existing resources via the Oxfam America and Right to Know Right to Decide campaign Facebook pages. Those wishing additional information are invited to contact Noémie Hailu.

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