Senate Farm Bill Voting Continues; EAD Advocacy Action Needed

May 30, 2013

– May 30, 2013 –

WASHINGTON – The full U.S. Senate began voting on the U.S Farm Bill last week and is scheduled to conclude its floor work on the bill soon.

Ecumenical Advocacy Days Director, Douglas Grace, noted, “This is a once-in-five-year opportunity to improve this nation’s food and farm policy. Next Monday and Tuesday will be critical times for EAD advocates to contact their Senator’s offices urging them to support a Farm Bill that alleviates hunger and malnutrition, supports vibrant farms and rural communities, and protects God’s creation.”

The Senate will be voting on its version of the 2013 Farm Bill (S. 954), with votes on amendments already taken. Early next week is the time to support a fair Farm Bill, and related amendments, that will help alleviate hunger and malnutrition in the U.S. and around the world, support international development, promote growth in U.S. rural communities, and encourage stewardship of creation.

The Senate farm bill is not perfect, but it is the best farm bill we are likely to see from this Congress, especially when compared to the severe cuts to nutrition and conservation programs contained in the current House farm bill. The Senate bill represents an important opportunity to provide stability for farmers, nutrition assistance to the economically vulnerable, food aid to those affected by disaster, development opportunities in rural communities, and land stewardship and conservation for the good of the land for the safety of drinking water.

An action alert to EAD Advocates will be sent on Monday, June 3. In the meantime, you are encouraged to read stories from The Hill and Food Politics for further details about where the Senate Farm Bill stands, and also be sure to review the EAD 2013 Congressional Ask and Talking Points  in preparation for contacting Senators on Monday.

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