EAD Announces 2016 Congressional Lobby Day “Ask”

April 1, 2016

WASHINGTON — April 1, 2016 — Ecumenical Advocacy Days for Global Peace with Justice (EAD) announced today the 2016 Congressional Lobby Day “ask” that participants of EAD’s National Gathering will take to Capitol Hill. The gathering will take place on April 15-18 and is titled, “Lift Every Voice! Racism, Class and Power.” The Congressional Lobby Day will take place on Monday, April 18, following a morning rally on the Capitol grounds .

The “ask” focuses on two legislative issues before Congress: The Voting Rights Act and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement.

“In an national election year where we are seeing attempts at voter suppression and fraud, and where we are hearing much debate about the TPP from presidential candidates, it is crucial for people of faith to witness and speak out about these two justice issues,” said Douglas Grace, director of EAD.” Once again, EAD is at the forefront of timely national debate and legislative concern, and we have secured top nationally known speakers to address our concerns at the gathering.”

The specific “ask” reads:

“We call on Congress to restore the voice of all Americans in our democratic process and to help create a global economy of inclusion, ensuring livelihoods for all God’s children and a sustainable planet by:

  • Supporting the Voting Rights Advancement Act of 2015 as a substantial legislative step to restoring the Voting Rights of 1965, and
  • Defeating the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement that deepens inequality and prioritizes corporate interests over both God’s creation and people, especially vulnerable communities in the U.S. and abroad.

The “ask” statement continues, “As people of faith, we hold the conviction that every voice matters and every voice must be heard. If we are to lift every voice, we must do all we can to ensure that no person is stripped of their access to meaningful political engagement by governments and corporate entities that hold tightly to power and expression.”

View and download the full “ask” statement.

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