#EAD2018 Lobby Day: Call In From Wherever You Are

April 23, 2018

As advocates in D.C. storm Capitol Hill in-person on Monday, April 23, we invite remote participants, informed by our  Congressional Ask , to call into the D.C. offices of their U.S. House representatives and Senators.
If you need to look up the details for your Member of the House or Senators, you may visit https://house.gov and https://senate.gov.  
After doing so, the U.S. Capitol switchboard is the quickest way for callers to be put in touch with their elected officials. Dial (202) 224-3121. You will need to make 3 calls – one for your U.S. House representative and one for each of your Senators. You may call the switchboard each time to be connected to each office. It is important that you call the D.C. offices as your fellow advocates will be visiting these offices all day, so your call in conjunction with their visit will magnify our impact.
When you call you should plan to present a short summary for the person answering the phone, such as the one below. Note that you should also provide your full address and other contact info (e.g. email) for personal follow up from your Representative or Senator:
“Good morning / afternoon. I am a constituent calling in support of Ecumenical Advocacy Days, a group of Christians and other faith-based advocates visiting Capitol Hill today. Would you please relay a message to Representative / Senator __________ for me? 

We are calling on Congress:

  • to act with compassion and exercise fiscal responsibility by redirecting funding used for deportations, detention and border militarization, and
  • invest instead in our communities and support for refugees while increasing poverty-focused and peacebuilding international assistance to address the root causes of forced migration.
I would ask Representative / Senator _____________ to take action in support of these goals, and I would appreciate a follow up from the office.” 
+ + +
You may also wish to personalize your call and briefly explain how your faith influences you on this matter or relay a short personal experience relating to any of the Ask points. 
Visit https://advocacydays.org/ld for talking points and other Ask information.

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