God's Earth and
People Restored

Worship is an essential part of Ecumenical Advocacy Days. It reminds us why we come together as Christians to advocate and it grounds us in our scriptures before we go advocate on Capitol Hill. In this time of virtual worship, we wanted to make our worship service more widely available and help local church pastors and lay leaders across the country with planning their worship services. Please, feel free to use the entire worship service or pieces of it in your local churches during the month of April.

Greeting - Taina Diaz-Reyes

Vamos Todos Al Banquete - Peter Mack and Glocal

Opening Prayer - Min. Christian Watkins

Racism During a Pandemic - Rev. Dr. Sharon Austin

God Has Work for Us to Do - Mark A. Miller

Psalm 85:8-13 - Rev. Eugene Cho

Canticle of the Sun - OFM Franciscan Friars and Postulants

2nd Peter 3:3-13 - William Bahati

Luke 24:36b-48 - Rushad L. Thomas

Sermon - The Most Rev. Michael Curry

Samdo Sul Changgo - Sebastian Wang

Prayers of the People - Global Ministries UCC/DOC

It is Raining - Peter Mack and Glocal

EAD 2021 Worship Offerings

This year's offering is divided between agricultural support efforts in Haiti and Community Climate Resilience Centers in five villages in Bangladesh.

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