#EAD2109 Announces U.S. Domestic Policy Ask for Congressional Advocacy Day

February 26, 2019

The Leadership Team of Ecumenical Advocacy Days for Global Peace with Justice is pleased to announce the U.S. domestic “Ask” for Lobby Day on Monday, April 8th. When participants meet with their Congressional representatives, they will focus on voting rights and securing democracy in our nation, a timely issue following numerous accounts of voter suppression during the 2018 election cycle and the announcement just yesterday on Feb. 21st that voters in the 9th District of North Carolina will have to have another election because of voter fraud.
The U.S. domestic “ask” is below. And, stay tuned! Next week we will announce the international “Ask.”
U.S. Domestic Ask
We urge Congress to strengthen the voices of all Americans in our democracy, and the voices of human rights defenders around the world by working to eliminate violent conflict and all threats to civic engagement and human dignity.
As people of faith we believe every human has the God given right to self-determination.  This right is threatened by the suppression of voting rights, barriers to voting and infiltration of big money in campaign finance.  We urge Congress to pass to pass to:
  • Expand and modernize voter registration, 
  • Ensure polling places are accessible for all, 
  • Establish election day as a National Holiday, 
  • Implement fair redistricting and end partisan gerrymandering,
  • Improve voter oversight, 
  • Restore voting rights for returning citizens, 
  • Reform campaign finance structure; and 
  • Restore the Voting Rights Amendment.

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