EAD 2015 Promotional Resources

EAD_Generic_topperThe following promotional items can be used and shared to help spread the word about EAD’s National Gathering and the issues which will be the focus of our educational and lobbying efforts.

EAD National Gathering Brochure and 2015 Insert

Print out copies of the brochure and year-specific theme insert to share with your communities or send copies of the electronic PDF.

EAD 2015 Brochure and Insert

Click the image or here to download a single file of the printable EAD description brochure and 2015 National Gathering Insert (2 per page) to print and share in your community.  You may also download the general brochure only. or a 1 per page 2015 brochure only.


Time is Money: Who’s Making a Buck Off Prisoners’ Families?

The Center for Public Integrity traveled around the U.S. to investigate the growing web of prison bankers, private vendors and corrections agencies … and how they profit off the innocent by shifting costs onto inmates’ families.