2019 Middle East Workshops


No Way to Treat a Child: How Grassroots Organizing Led to the First Bill on Palestinian Rights

Palestinian children in Israeli military detention was a human rights issue many in the U.S. Congress were not well informed about until faith-based activists joined with others concerned about Palestinian rights to create awareness and advocate for the protection of Palestinian children. Led by Defense for Children International – Palestine and the American Friends Service Committee, the “No Way to Treat a Child” campaign worked to build support for a range of actions to highlight this issue, culminating in introduction of HR 4391, the “Promoting Human Rights by Ending Israeli Military Detention of Palestinian Children Act” in 2018. Come hear about this campaign and its ongoing efforts in a workshop led by Jennifer Bing, co-founder of the campaign and staff member of the American Friends Service Committee.

Policy on Israel/Palestine and Grassroots Responses: From Israel/Palestine to the U.S.

As the United States prepares to release its “peace plan for Israel/Palestine,” the situation on the ground continues to deteriorate. During this workshop, practitioners will speak to grassroots movements advancing peace and justice within Palestinian, Israeli, and US civil society and efforts to work alongside Palestinian refugees. Participants will learn ways they can plug in to advocacy efforts in support of human rights and equality for all in Israel/Palestine, despite the bleak political prognosis.

Speakers: Suzann Mollner, Beirut and Beyond; Obada Shtaya, One Voice Movement.

The Crisis in Yemen and What People of Faith Can Do About It

The war in Yemen has created a humanitarian crisis, with as many as 12 million people at risk of famine. The U.S. has provided significant support to the Saudi-led coalition involved in the war, but grassroots activists have pushed back, using the War Powers Resolution and other tools to gain momentum in Congress. Learn more about what is happening in Yemen and how you can get involved.

Speakers: Elizabeth Bajjalieh, Friends Committee on National Legislation, and Jared Wright, Mercy Corps.

Economic Measures, Justice, and Israel/Palestine

Churches have employed their economic leverage in many situations where a group of people have been unjustly treated, and have seen results.  A decade since the launch of Kairos Palestine, which called for the use of economic measures to support justice in Israel/Palestine, this right is under threat. In this workshop focusing on Israel/Palestine, we will hear a panel discuss the biblical basis for using economic measures, an update on the churches’ corporate engagement, and an overview of the legal and legislative efforts to curb this activity. 

Facilitated by Peter Makari, Executive, Middle East and Europe Global Ministries of the United Church of Christ and Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

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