Most Reverend Bishop Michael Curry









Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church

Ecumenical Advocacy Days is honored to announce that the Most Reverend Bishop Michael Curry will preach at our morning Worship Service on Sunday, April 18, 2021.

Presiding Bishop Curry is the first African American to serve as presiding Bishop in the Episcopal Church. He has been featured on The Protestant Hour and is a frequent speaker at churches, cathedrals, and conferences around the country and internationally. Throughout his ministry, he’s remained a strong advocate for social justice, reconciliation, and equality. In his three parish ministries in North Carolina, Ohio, and Maryland, Presiding Bishop Curry had extensive involvement in preaching missions; Crisis Control Ministry; the founding of ecumenical summer day camps for children; preaching missions; the Absalom Jones initiative; creation of networks of family day care providers; creation of educational centers; and the brokering of millions of dollars of investment in inner-city neighborhoods.

He’s served on the boards of many organizations, including the Task Force for reimagining the Episcopal Church (TREC) and is the Honorary Chair of Episcopal Relief and Development. He has authored four books: The Power of Love (2018); Following the Way of Jesus: Church’s Teachings in a Changing World (2017); Songs My Grandma Sang (2015); and Crazy Christians: A Call to Follow Jesus (2013).

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