International Panel: Conflict, Corruption, Climate Change & The World’s Uprooted



Rev James Makuei ChoulRev. James Makuei Choul serves as the Executive Director of the Presbyterian Relief and Development Agency (PRDA), the humanitarian arm of the Presbyterian Church of South Sudan (PCOSS). He is a highly experienced advocate for peace and reconciliation in South Sudan, with a strong commitment to human rights and humanitarian issues. Rev. Choul works in partnership with local communities to further PRDA’s mission of hope, through community based relief efforts, rehabilitation and development activities that meet and address the social and physical needs of the South Sudan people.

John DinJohn Din serves as Philippines Regional JPIC Coordinator of the Catholic Society of St. Colubman (Columbans).  He was also a coordinator of the Philippians lay missionary program of the Columbans. He serves as Philippines National Coordinator of the Global Catholic Climate Movement, having previously done missionary work in Brazil and Peru. View his CV.


Rev. Tafue Lusama

Rev. Tafue Lusama is the Secretary-General of the Christian Church of Tuvalu, a small island nation to the southwest of Hawaii. He travels the world to make others aware of the plight of his people as they deal with the impacts of sea level rise and face the possibility of mass evacuation. View a video of Rev. Lusama speaking about climate change as part of the 2015 event “Christian Responses to the Global Injustice of Climate Change,” sponsored by Union Theological Seminary.


Asma LateefAsma Lateef, Director of the Bread for the World Institute will serve as moderator of our panel. Asma oversees the Institute’s research, analysis, and education on policy issues related to U.S. and global hunger, malnutrition, and poverty. Asma was previously director of policy and programs at Citizens for Global Solutions. She currently serves on the steering committee of the Scaling Up Nutrition Movement’s Civil Society Network and is a member of the executive committee of the 1,000 Days Advocacy Working Group. She is co-chair of the post-2015 working group of the international coalition for advocacy on nutrition. Asma holds a master’s degree in economics from the University of Maryland, a post-graduate diploma in economics from the London School of Economics, and a bachelor’s degree in geography from McGill University. 

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