2017 Peace and Global Security Workshops

Encountering Chaos: The Power of Nonviolence in the Era of Trump

Utilizing small groups and interactive discussion we will identify new strategies for disarming violence in our families, our communities and in our politics based in the insights of Kingian Nonviolence and the rich international experience of effective practices proven in global conflict zones. We will also discuss emerging research about the effectiveness of nonviolent resistance and the exciting ecumenical trends around active nonviolence and a just peace approach.


Drones: Challenging Notions of Unlimited Power

Despite their small size, armed drones have greatly increased the capacity of a few to control, monitor, and kill people across the globe. Through the worship of “security” and the nearly unwavering belief in the effectiveness of violence we have let the lethal use of drones become the norm in US foreign policy. This workshop will explore the theological and ethical implications of those decisions as well as frameworks such as just peace to assess and construct resistance to systems that enable people to be killed at the press of a button.  


Pentagon Spending and Budget Priorities


Standing up Against Anti-Muslim Hate


Protecting Human Rights at Home & Abroad in the Trump Era