2011 Worship & Prayer

Opening Worship: Wisdom and Her Children

The order of service for Fridays’ Opening Worship can be viewed and downloaded here.

Those interested in purchasing CDs from the St. Camillus Multicultural Choir can donwload a mail-in order form here.

Financial Offering: Thanks to your generosity, we raised $1,675 for EAD’s young adult scholarship fund, our largest collection ever for the fund!

Interdenominational Sunday Worship: The Call of Wisdom

The order of service for Sunday’s Interdenominational Worship can be viewed and downloaded here.

The sermon from Rev. Peg Chemberlin, “Be a Holy Nag for Jesus,” can be viewed and downloaded here.

Financial Offering: Your generosity helped provide over $2400 to this important work of justice!

Church World Service (CWS) Pakistan/Afghanistan is operating health projects in the Eastern Region of Afghanistan, providing Primary Health Care through 16 health facilities, ranging from a large district hospital to basic daily need health clinics. Nangarhar-Laghman Health Project aims at improving the health of families in the project areas, particularly women and children. and strengthening the community’s decision-making capacity. The project provides preventive and essential curative health care services, with a focus on maternal/child health services, for returning refugees, internally displaced persons, and other Afghans based in seven targeted districts of the project.

During the current year, it is anticipated this health program will
serve at least 8,794 expectant mothers with antenatal care, provide
immunizations to approximately 8,000 children, and about 2,000 children under 5 deemed acutely malnourished will receive nutritional supplements and support through the Growth Monitoring Program.


Prayer Cards

You can find the full size template of the prayer cards used during the conference here.


Art & Environment

The NAMES OF GOD prints seen in the worship space are the work of Dr. Mary Padgelek. A descriptive listing of the NAMES OF GOD prints can be found here.







Every year’s Worship Committee is called together in the latter months of the year prior to the conference, and each year the effort to craft spirit-filled worship for our gathering draws together different persons who reflect a wide range of gifts. For this year’s conference, Holy Wisdom has indeed “called her children” together in a powerful way. The following people have volunteered untolled hours in preparation for the worship experiences of our 2011 conference and through their many gifts are bringing life to a weekend that promises to be rich in spoken and sung prayer, dance and symbol, ritual and spirit!

  • Rev. Mari Castellanos, United Church of Christ, Policy Advocate for Domestic Issues, UCC Washington Office, EAD Leadership Team Member, Art & Environment Team
  • Rev. Shannon Daley-Harris, Director of Religious Affairs, Children’s Defense Fund, Interdenominational Worship Service Planning Team
  • Mr. Marc DelMonico, Roman Catholic, Ph.D. Candidate, Theology, The Catholic University of America, EAD Leadership Team Member, Worship Committee Facilitator, Opening Worship Service Planning Team
  • Dr. Patrick Evans, Presbyterian Church USA, Associate Professor of Sacred Music, Yale Divinity School and Institute of Sacred Music, Artist-in-Residence, Broadway Presbyterian Church, New York, NY, Conference Music Ministry, Interdenominational Worship Service Planning Team
  • Rev. Robyn M. Fickes, Pastor, Disciples of Christ, Washington, DC,  NewFire Young Adult Ecumenical Network, Interdenominational Worship Service Planning Team
  • Minister Josie Hoover, Westphalia United Methodist Church, Upper Marlboro, MD, Administrator, Practice in Ministry and Mission Program, Wesley Theological Seminary, Washington, DC, Ministry of Dance and Ritual Movement – Opening Worship
  • Ms. Desiree’ Kameka, MTS Student, Wesley Theological Seminary, Washington, DC, Delegate for the World Christian Student Federation – North American Region, Art & Environment Team
  • In the Spirit Liturgical Dance Ministry, Westphalia United Methodist Church, Upper Marlboro, MD, Ministry of Dance and Ritual Movement – Opening Worship
  • Ms. Tracy McDonnell & The St. Camillus Multicultural Choir, Roman Catholic, St. Camillus Franciscan Parish, Silver Spring, MD, Music Ministry – Opening Worship
  • Ms. Genevieve Mougey, Roman Catholic, Associate Director of Operations, United States Catholic Mission Association, Opening Worship Service Planning Team
  • Dr. Mary Padgelek, Art Instructor, Artist in Residence, Wesley Theological Seminary, Washington, DC, Art & Environment Team
  • Ms. Kathryn Sparks, Presbyterian, Adjunct Professor of Liturgical Dance, Wesley Theological Seminary, Washington, DC, Coordinator & Minister of Dance and Ritual Movement

EAD also gratefully acknowledges:

  • Sr Marge Clark of NETWORK for the use of the banners of peace in many languages
  • Letha Dreyfus, for her attentive work in researching ways to display artwork in the ballroom space
  • Franciscan Friars of Holy Name Province at Holy Name College, Silver Spring, MD for the use of the large wooden cross
  • Cynthia Farrell JohnsonArtist in Residence, Wesley Theological Seminary, Washington, DC, for the use of her African artwork
  • Justin Hull, from Wesley Theological Seminary who offered invaluable A/V assistance and helped design some of the slideshows used this weekend,
  • Linda PanettaProfessor of Photography and Photojournalism, Cabrini College, Radnor, PA 
  • Jalynn Prince, for the use of her photography in the slideshow seen throughout the weekend
  • Russell Testa & Megeen White-Testa for the use of cloths and candle holders gathered from around the world
  • Washington Theological Union for the use of their easels and banner stands
  • Wesley Theological Seminary for the use of their banners and other art pieces

and all those who donated art or visual items which helped make our worship experience alive, colorful, and creative!

Copyright & Reprint Information

All songs and words to songs projected or displayed during the Ecumenical Advocacy Days 2011 worship services have been reproduced with permission for one-time use, exclusively for Ecumenical Advocacy Days.  The copyright information displayed with the song during the service indicates the copyright holder. Reprint permission falls under one of these licenses:

  • OneLicense.net (www.onelicense.net) License #S-909932 for all songs with Copyright (c) GIA Publications, Inc., 7343 S. Mason Ave., Chicago, IL 60638
  • LicenSingOnline.org License # U22180 for all songs with Copyright (c) Oregon Catholic Press (OCP) 5536 NE Hassalo, Portland, OR, 97213-3638
  • For all songs Copyright (c) World Library Publications (WLP), the liturgy and music division of J.S. Paluch Co., INC., 3708 River Road, Suite 400, Franklin Park, IL 60131-2158, a one time event license was granted to Ecumenical Advocacy Days.
  • For all songs Copyright (c) Abingdon Press, The Copyright Company
    P.O. Box 128139, Nashville, TN  37212-8139, a one time use license was granted to Ecumenical Advocacy Days.

The artwork and images used in the worship space and as projections during conference worship have been reproduced or used with one-time use permission for Ecumenical Advocacy Days from the artist or photographer, or are reproduced from publicly available sources (clip art collections, public internet sites) that have made no or minimal claim to copyright on the use of the artwork or image:

  •  NAMES OF GOD series images provided or reproduced with the permission of Dr. Mary Padgelek
  • Matted photos provided and used with the permission of Linda Panetta
  • Projected photographs provided and used with the permission of Jalynn Prince
  • Biblical artwork images used with permission from Sisters and Prophets by Mary Lou Sleevi (South Bend, IN: Ave Maria Press, 1993) and Women of the Word by Mary Lou Sleevi (South Bend, IN: Ave Maria Press, 1989)

The prayers projected during conference worship are indexed as follows:

  • Opening Worship: Call to Worship adapted from Prayer at the Kindling of Light by Rabbi Lynn Gottleib. All projected information except for music listed under different copyright and the permissions listed are Copyright (c) 2011 by Ecumenical Advocacy Days. Service crafted by Marc DelMonico, Genevieve Mougey, Patrick Evans, and Tracy McDonnell.
  • Interdenominational Worship: Call to Worship is from More Than Words, by Janet Schaffran, CDP, and Pat Kozak, CSJ, published by Meyer-Stone Books and used under the book’s unrestricted use terms; Affirmation of Commitment by Shannon Daley-Harris; Sending Blessing by Diann Neu of WATER (Women’s Alliance for Theology, Ethics, and Ritual) and reprinted with permission. Service crafted by: Robyn Fikes, Shannon Daley-Harris, and Patrick Evans.

All prayer service contents not previously noted as copyright protected or listed with another contributing source are Copyright (c) 2011 by Ecumenical Advocacy Days or by their listed author.

Interested persons are welcome to utilize the prayer resources for use in other prayer services, but duplication in whole or in part should both seek permission from, and give credit to, the named copyright holders and contributors, with appropriate legal and moral acknowledgment. In all cases, interested parties should consider just financial remuneration to appropriate persons and organizations for use of professionally designed and prepared worship and music resources, and observe all relevant copyright and intellectual property laws.

NOTE: It is a violation of copyright and intellectual property law to reproduce or alter musical scores or words to songs without the permission of the copyright holder.  Please do not use the above licensing information to reproduce any of the songs or words of songs presented at Ecumenical Advocacy Days without obtaining appropriate reprint licensing for your organization from the providers listed. To do so is a violation of the law and deprives the composers and copyright agents of much needed revenue to continue their ministry of music.

If Ecumenical Advocacy Days or any of its agents have neglected to explicitly state copyright information or permission to reproduce for any other copyrighted material in the worship services, such omission was unintentional. Please contact us to report the omission and have it corrected.

Inquiries can be directed to Mr. Marc J. DelMonico.

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