2012 Worship & Prayer

Opening Celebration

Sunday Worship

All prayer service contents not previously noted as copyright protected or listed with another contributing source are Copyright (c) 2012 by Ecumenical Advocacy Days or by their listed author.

Interested persons are welcome to utilize the prayer resources for use in other prayer services, but duplication in whole or in part should both seek permission from, and give credit to, the named copyright holders and contributors, with appropriate legal and moral acknowledgment. In all cases, interested parties should consider just financial remuneration to appropriate persons and organizations for use of professionally designed and prepared worship and music resources, and observe all relevant copyright and intellectual property laws.

NOTE: It is a violation of copyright and intellectual property law to reproduce or alter musical scores or words to songs without the permission of the copyright holder. Please do not use the above licensing information to reproduce any of the songs or words of songs presented at Ecumenical Advocacy Days without obtaining appropriate reprint licensing for your organization from the providers listed. To do so is a violation of the law and deprives the composers and copyright agents of much needed revenue to continue their ministry of music.

If Ecumenical Advocacy Days or any of its agents have neglected to explicitly state copyright information or permission to reproduce for any other copyrighted material in the worship services, such omission was unintentional. Please contact us to report the omission and have it corrected.

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