2010 Eco-Justice Workshops

Immigration and Eco-Justice issues are deeply connected as both are justice issues that reflect the struggles of humanity and Creation working in partnership with each other. Our understanding of God directly informs how we engage Immigration and Eco-justice as a both/and conversation, in which we seek God’s grace and presence in the midst of challenging issues.

The Eco-Justice Track during EAD 2010 will engage Immigration issues by observing how specific areas of Eco-Justice impact the struggles of immigration. We’ll see how our understandings of issues like Climate Change, Environmental Health, Land and Wilderness, Consumerism, and Theology directly relate to migration. For instance, by looking at the US and Mexico Border Wall, we see many of these issues being interconnected. These workshops will provide us a deeper understanding of the issues as well as provide practical tools that we can use to learn and act in our own local communities in regards to migration.

Over the course of the Conference we will also have specifically Eco-Justice related workshops. We will have a beginner eco-justice conversation. If you are new to the eco-justice world and want to develop an understanding on the relationship between, advocacy, action, education, and lifestyle, then come explore how our faith compels us to serve in the midst of issues concerning eco-justice.

There will also be a workshop continuing last year’s EAD theme climate change. Come and hear the latest news on Climate Change, explore where Congress is with the process, hear success stories from last year, and learn about new practices so that you can continue to be an advocate for climate change in your community.

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