Congressional Advocacy Day – April 21, 2021


Imagine! God’s Earth and People Restored

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As people of faith we call on Congress to act urgently and decisively on climate justice by addressing the intersection of climate change, economic justice, gender justice and racial equity:

*Enact infrastructure and energy legislation that will promote climate, economic, gender and racial justice to accelerate the transition to a clean energy economy and commit to net-zero climate pollution in electricity by 2035 and economy-wide by 2050.

*Provide funding for multilateral and bilateral environmental accounts for FY2022, including $2 billion for the Green Climate Fund, focusing on funding for the most impacted countries and communities, in many cases burdened by historic colonization and ongoing inequities.

The global pandemic and climate crisis reveal the urgent need to formulate a recovery that is both just and equitable. The threats from these crises are interconnected and affect the health, wellbeing and livelihood of people worldwide, particularly frontline communities. It is imperative that Congress pass legislation that will make the United States and the world more climate resilient.

We ask that the U.S. fulfill its responsibility to those most impacted by climate change. In the United States these are disproportionately Black, Indigenous, and communities of color and economically marginalized communities. Globally it includes the countries and communities least responsible for climate change.

The United States can support a climate resilient future for all by investing at home and globally in zero emission energy systems and sustainable food production delivering energy access, food security, and sustainable livelihoods for the most climate impacted and economically marginalized communities.

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