Opening Plenary: “The Bible and Just Economy”

Dr. Margaret Aymer, Associate Professor, New Testament, Interdenominational Theological Center

B.A., Harvard-Radcliff College; M.Div., Union Theological Seminary; M.Phil., Union Theological Seminary; -Ph.D., Union Theological Seminary

Dr. Margaret Aymer teaches courses on the New Testament and has a special interest in biblical hermeneutics, particularly how African diasporic communities signify the Bible as “scripture.” Some of her most significant publications are “Teaching Christians to ‘Read’: Theological Education and the Church”; “Empire, Alter-empire and the Twenty-first Century”; “What Do the Gospels Say about Sex and the Church?” in Frequently Asked Questions about Sexuality, the Bible, and the Church; First Pure, Then Peaceable: Frederick Douglass Reads James and a forthcoming book, African American Biblical Interpretation: An Introduction with co-author, Randall C. Bailey.

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