Congressman Emmanuel Cleaver II

On Sunday afternoon at #EAD2018, Congressman Emanuel Cleaver II spoke an inspiring word to advocates in preparation for Monday’s Lobby Day activities.

Cleaver is a United Methodist pastor and a member of the U.S. House of Representatives. He currently represents Missouri’s 5th congressional district, where he’s served since 2005.  

Having served for twelve years on the city council of Missouri’s largest municipality, Kansas City, Cleaver was elected as the city’s first African American Mayor in 1991.

During his eight year stint in the Office of the Mayor, Cleaver distinguished himself as an economic development activist and an unapologetic redevelopment craftsman. He and the City Council brought a number of major corporations to the city, including TransAmerica, Harley Davidson, and Citi Corp. Cleaver also led the effort, after a forty year delay, to build the South Midtown Roadway. Upon completion of this major thoroughfare, he proposed a new name: The Bruce R. Watkins Roadway. Additionally, his municipal stewardship includes the 18th and Vine Redevelopment, a new American Royal, the establishment of a Family Division of the Municipal Court, and the reconstruction and beautification of Brush Creek.

Cleaver has received five honorary Doctoral Degrees augmented by a bachelor’s degree from Prairie View A&M, of the University of Texas, and a Master’s from St. Paul Theology of Kansas City.

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