2017 Latin America & the Caribbean Workshops

Migration Part 1: Growing militarization

– Root causes of migration from Central America and Mexico
– Border militarization
– U.S. security policy in Central America and Mexico

Migration Part 2: Protection needs

– Abuses against migrants in transit
– Asylum needs
– Church approaches (ELCA)


TRADE: Alternative vision for trade in Latin America

– Defining NAFTA, CAFTA
– What would progressives and allies in Central America see as an alternative to NAFTA/CAFTA models


Environment in Latin America, Indigenous Land rights

– Militarized response to indigenous defending land rights- i.e. Honduras, Panama 
– International Observation mission to Guatemala-Mexico border in November 
– Peru & Bolivia


Colombia, peace process

– Victims, Afro-Colombians, women
– Debunking Plan Colombia as a model for Central America


– impact of the embargo
– efforts the Obama administration made toward normalization
– ramifications for those efforts under the Trump administration