2021 Virtual Event Workshops


EAD 2021 promises to be a high-impact virtual event with over 30 workshops focusing on a variety of issues and skills led by organizations within the ecumenical Christian community. The workshops are offered on a variety of issue areas of geographic and global interest, and also include advocacy skills development opportunities.

Here are the titles of some of the planned workshops. Full details about all of the 30+ workshops being offered are provided to registrants via the event app. 

  • Involve Women and Girls to Fix the Climate Crisis!
  • Climate Change as a Driver of Forced Migration from Central America
  • Gaza’s Environmental Crises: Present Challenges and a Vision for a Just Future
  • Pollution & the Pentagon: How U.S Militarism Threatens the Earth
  • Using Social and Print Media for Climate Justice Advocacy Work
  • Democratic Governance in Africa will Improve the Health of Our Planet
  • What is President Biden’s Agenda in the Amazon Rainforest?
  • FAITH in Action: Working for a Faithful Environmental Agenda in Congress
  • Bringing Eco-Justice Education to Your Congregation and Moving Your Church to Action
  • What is the U.S. Climate Fair Share? Advancing Climate Justice by Increasing U.S. Domestic and International Commitments
  • Health Under Occupation: Promoting human well-being in the face of political obstacles and the COVID-19 pandemic
  • The Church’s Role in Environmental Justice
  • Action That Leads to Legislation: Effective Strategies for Climate Justice
  • Time for Progress: Advocacy for Just U.S. Foreign & Migration Policies towards Latin America
  • TikTok for Social/Environmental Justice
  • Land is Life: The Filipino’s People Struggle to Protect Their Land and Communities

Contributing Sponsors & Partner Organizations