2022 Virtual Event Workshops


EAD 2022 promises to be a high-impact virtual event with over 30 workshops focusing on a variety of issues and skills led by organizations within the ecumenical Christian community. The workshops are offered on a variety of issue areas of geographic and global interest, and also include advocacy skills development opportunities.

Below are the titles of some of the planned workshops. Content is developed in collaboration with organizations and individuals that are both leaders in advocacy and are also working at a grassroots level to illuminate the many pressing issues we will cover. Full details about all of the 30+ workshops being offered are provided to registrants via the event app. 

  • Fearless Now: A Guided Process of Discovery (2-part workshop)
  • Apartheid and the Case of Israel/Palestine
  • Defending Palestinian Human Rights and Palestinian Human Rights Defenders
  • Militarization and the Middle East: Yemen, a Case Study
  • How to Advocate for Palestinian Children and Families – in Congress and your Community
  • Accountability for Corporate Human Right Abuses: Strategies and Lessons from Practitioners
  • Emerging from the COVID Crisis with Resilience: The Role of a Human Rights Approach
  • Searching for the Disappeared: A Human Rights Crisis in Mexico
  • Defending the Rights of Haitian Migrants
  • Crisis and Hope: Activists Organizing for Rights in Guatemala and Honduras
  • Human Rights and U.S. Policy Towards Cuba
  • Co-conspiring with Faith and Power: Advocacy 101
  • In for the Long Haul: Self-Care and Social Activism
  • Communications Tools for Divided Times
  • Nonviolent Escalation and Resistance
  • The Connection between Climate & Voting Justice: Perspectives from the Southeast
  • Renewable Energy: Climate Solution or Human Rights Tragedy?
  • Blue Theology: Ocean Stewardship as Spiritual Practice
  • Turning Away from Burning: The Urgency to Transition Away from Methane Gas and How Congregations Can Take Action
  • Taking Meaningful Action on Climate Through Administrative Rulemaking
  • Decolonizing Spirituality: Bridging Charity and Advocacy for Racial Equity
  • Exporting Violence: How U.S. Security Assistance and Arms Sales to Police and Militaries Around the World Harms Human Rights
  • Blunt Instruments: How U.S. Sanctions Both Advance and Restrict Global Human Rights
  • Confronting the Nuclear Threat: How Faith Communities Can Pull the World Back from the Brink of War and Protect Humanity
  • The Anglophone Crisis in Cameroon and the Plight of Cameroonian Migrants
  • Addressing Nigeria’s Shrinking Civic Space: A Proactive Holistic Response
  • Voting Rights and the Advancement of Democracy in Pan African Communities
  • Illicit Financial Flows Undermine Democracy and Human Dignity
  • Setting Up to Move Mountains: Mobilizing Black and Brown Immigrant Communities in the Fight for a Multi-Racial Democracy
  • Realizing Democracy: Eradicating Anti-Blackness
  • Fierce Urgency of Mental Illness Awareness, NOW!
  • Mobilizing Faith in Harm Reduction to End Overdose and the War on People Who Use Drugs
  • The Philippine Elections: Connecting Civil & Political Rights to the Rights of Peace & Self-Determination
  • The Dark Digital Economy: How Big Tech Undermines Racial and Worker Justice in Trade Agreements

Contributing Sponsors & Partner Organizations