2012 Lobby Day Ask

As people of faith, we urge you to defend people struggling to live in dignity by funding programs that protect vulnerable populations here and abroad. Enact a faithful federal budget that serves the common good, provides robust funding for people struggling to overcome poverty, and exercises proper care of the earth.

Supporting Materials

Please feel free to download these as extra copies to share during lobbying efforts and with friends and community members back home!

  • EAD 2012 Ask – the focus of this year’s lobbying effort, at least one copy of which should be left with your Member of Congress or legislative aides
  • EAD 2012 Ask “Talking Points” – for use preparing for or during your lobby visits
  • EAD 2012 “Leave Behind” (2 pages) – Information about The Faithful Budget Campaign for giving to Members of Congress or their legislative aides
  • EAD 2012 Sample Media Advisory – a sample press release to send to your local media about your faith community’s participation in EAD.
  • EAD 2012 Sample Press Release – a sample easy-to-fill-in presentation to send to your local media about your activity at EAD after you return
  • EAD 2012 Sample #faithfulbudget Tweets – use these starters to help get a conversation going about The Faithful Budget on Twitter. Remember to use the #faithfulbudget hashtag!

For more on The Faithful Budget visit FaithfulBudget.org

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