2016 Lobby Day Ask


Lobby Day briefings and preparations are a part of our National Gathering sessions. Your registration form for the National Gathering provides you with a way to indicate if you plan to lobby with your state or local group on Lobby Day. If you will be part of these lobby visits, Ecumenical Advocacy Days will set up your appointments on your behalf . Further details will follow and specifics will be available at the National Gathering.

Please be sure to enter your Congressional District in the registration form. It will help the Ecumenical Advocacy Days Lobby Day staff schedule your appointment with your Member of Congress (in the U.S. House of Representatives), as well as any meetings with your state’s U.S. Senators.


Preparations During the National Gathering

At the National Gathering we will help you gather with advocates from your state and Congressional districts so you can coordinate meetings with fellow advocates. Plan to use these meetings times partly as a strategy session. Together you will plan the points you will stress in your meetings, who will take the lead, who will take notes, who will keep time, etc. You will figure out how best to present the Ask and how you will use the leave behind materials.

There will be materials available at the conference plenary sessions about the latest policy developments. There will also be materials that you can leave with Congressional offices when you visit. These will be provided to you at the National Gathering and downloadable copies will be provided on this page.


Other Lobby Day Events

There may be other events happening on Capitol Hill either directly related to our Lobby Day efforts or coordinated through one of our many sponsor organizations. These might include press conferences, prayer vigils or other similar events. These events are optional attendance and should not take the place of visits to your Congressional representatives. If there are additional EAD-related events taking place during Lobby Day, we will list them here.