Climate, Conflict, and Development: Part 1

Saturday, Mar 22, 2014, 11:00 am

Resource based conflict is one negative effect of climate change already being felt across the world, particularly in the Global South. Climate change has also posed an immense challenge to people’s livelihoods. These challenges call for a paradigm shift in development approaches. Donor governments and development agencies need to see the linkages in livelihoods, climate, and conflict and provide for short term coping and longer term adaptation strategies. Two speakers, one from Kenya and the other from Sri Lanka, will explore these challenges and suggest alternatives to the current development model.

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  • Mrs. Everlyne Nairesiae, Regional Program Coordinator, Giving Hope Program, Church World Service, East Africa
  • Herman Kumara, Convener,  National Fisheries Solidarity Movement in Sri Lanka.


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