Violence Interrupters, Local Peace Teams, and Peace Education Programs

Sunday, Mar 23, 2014, 1:30 pm

Exploring other key components of a “just peace” approach to engaging conflict, this workshop will focus on cutting edge developments in local security, peacekeeping and peacebuilding initiatives. The U.S. society continues to struggle with bullying, assaults, gang violence, guns, and even abuse by police officers. The U.S. has the highest rate of youth homicide among the 26 wealthiest countries. Our schools are increasingly being filled with armed guards and police are increasingly taking on more military weapons, hiring more military trained officers, and growing their swat teams. But there are proven, effective alternatives to these patterns much more in accord with Jesus’ way of love of enemies and peacemaking. We will discover approaches  that have effectively reduced shootings and homicides, as well as those which offer trainings in nonviolent conflict intervention and restorative justice, provide street monitoring, and offer peace education, etc. There is a national network of peace teams called the Shenti Sena Network, which you will also learn about. Come and explore the remarkable in-breaking of Jesus’ way through these initiatives, and what might be possible for your local communities.


  • Karen Volker (Cure Violence)
  • MJ Park (Little Friends for Peace)
  • Cortez McDaniel (DC Peace Team).


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