2017 Advocacy Skills Training

Photo Credit: Marc DelMonico (c) 2005. Used with permission. For information - laymanmarcus@gmail.com

Art for Activism

As we seek to counter all the modern day manifestations of racism, materialism, and militarism, we have the opportunity to tap into creative strategies for social change. The workshop will be led by The Sanctuaries, a young adult, ethnically and spiritually diverse arts collective in Washington, D.C. making soulful art for social change. From guerrilla art to performance art, we can tell our faithful story to move hearts and minds into action. Hear about and experience how you can integrate art into your own movement.
Presenter: Members of The Sanctuaries Screen Printing and Performance Art teams

Building Inner Resilience and Sacred Restoration for the Journey

What are sacred tools that can energize us to be advocates for public policy? What are diverse streams of spiritual practice to sustain us during difficult and hopeful seasons of contextual challenge? This workshop will present and engage spiritual tools and practices to strengthen us for the present divisive season of advocacy and public engagement from varying spiritual traditions. Small groups will engage in samples of these tools and practices after a presentation of related spiritual principles and practices.
Presenter: Bishop Jose Garcia, Senior Advisor for Prayer and Strategic Initiatives, Bread for the World.

Providing Sanctuary: Why, How, If not us, Who?

In this workshop, we will offer tangible skills and organizing tools for congregants to become Sanctuary Churches. We will share a history of the movement, equip you to take action in an urgent moment, and provide you with any needed strategic or spiritual support along the way. Learn how to host an individual seeking Sanctuary, but also how to transform this prophetic act to build political power. We will connect you with other Christians regionally as well as in the national movement. These relationships will help us to carry out the work collectively throughout the year.
Presenter: Nora Leccese

Getting Your Moral Message in the Media

Speaking out in the media at the right moment with a clear, strategic, moral message can exponentially increase the impact of your advocacy. Join us for a workshop that will help you hone the skills necessary to get covered, get published and be heard in the halls of power. Led by veteran trainers with professional journalism experience, we will explore strategic best practices of messaging, opinion writing, interview skills, and use of social media.
Presenter: Dan Nejfelt, Faith in Public Life