Faith-Based Non-Violent Civil Resistance

Sunday, Apr 23, 2017, 2:00 pm

“Civil Disobedience” refers to the breaking of an unjust law with the hope of changing that specific law. For example, members of faith groups have long been among those to protest the School of the Americas – in hope of defunding and eventually eliminating that school of assassins. Those who “cross the line” risking arrest engage in civil disobedience, preceded by prayer and deep reflection on the impact both on themselves and on the legislation to be accomplished.

Similarly, religious activists have also been involved in faith-based “Civil Resistance” or “Divine Obedience” actions to oppose war, nuclear weapons, killer drones, torture, capital punishment, and environmental destruction. The intent of these actions are not to change a particular law, but rather to uphold God’s law and Nuremberg Accords and to prevent crimes against humanity from occurring. During this time, seasoned resisters will share the critical spiritual preparation for, stories of and results of some actions.


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