A collaboration of Christian, Jewish, Muslim and other faith communities and organizations, The Faithful Budget promotes comprehensive and compassionate budget principles that will “protect the common good, values each individual and his or her livelihood, and helps lift the burden on the poor, rather than increasing it while shielding the wealthiest from any additional sacrifice.” It promotes principles that will “protect the common good, values each individual and his or her livelihood, and helps lift the burden on the poor, rather than increasing it while shielding the wealthiest from any additional sacrifice.” The Faithful Budget lays out ideas for restoring economic opportunity, ensuring adequate resources for the country’s fiscal needs, fostering true security, reducing poverty and hardship, taking responsibility for future generations, caring for the environment, improving access to health care and recognizing the robust role of government in combating poverty.


If you would like to add your name or that of your organization in support of The Faithful Budget Campaign, please contact us. Initial sponsors of the Faithful Budget include:

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Recent News

EAD Director Highlights Advocates in Thanksgiving Message

November 27, 2013

Dear Friends of EAD, Thanksgiving is a time that reminds me how grateful the Leadership Team of Ecumenical Advocacy Days is for the commitment of literally thousands of Christian advocates who have participated in a faithful public witness through EAD over the past twelve years! When we look back over our history, EAD has been an ecumenical initiative that has… 

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Over 70 Faith Leaders March and Pray in Washington to End Shutdown

October 15, 2013

Pilgrimage with poor workers ratchets up moral pressure as shutdown harms low-income families, seniors, and veterans -October 15, 2013 – WASHINGTON – Today, over 70 prominent religious leaders joined with locked-out federal workers in a pilgrimage, marched on key House offices – including Leadership – and urged an immediate end to the government shutdown. At each office, the group prayed… 

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Faith Leaders to Congress: Fund the U.S. Government

September 27, 2013

– September 27, 2013 – Dear Senator/Representative: As leaders of faith communities and organizations comprising millions of people from all walks of life across our nation, we are deeply concerned by the completely avoidable budget and financial crises we are fast approaching as a nation. Though Congress must pass the federal budget, it belongs to every American. This common fund… 

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State, National Faith Leaders to Congress: "Don't Push the Poor and Vulnerable Off the 'Fiscal Cliff'"

November 29, 2012

Faith leaders from 16 states join the heads of numerous national religious organizations to stop deep cuts to programs that help the most vulnerable – November 29, 2012 – WASHINGTON – Senior religious officials from 16 states joined the heads of some of the nation’s most prominent Christian, Jewish and Muslim organizations today to tell the Obama Administration and Congress,… 

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Faithful Budget: Fiscal Year 2013

October 3, 2012

In Summer 2011, an interfaith coalition in Washington, DC began daily Capitol Hill prayer vigils and worked together out of our common sense of urgency around the need to protect social safety net programs that serve people living in poverty and The Faithful Budget Campaign continues this work. Read the FY2013 Faithful Budget.

Religious Americans Unite for "Super Vigil" to Fight for Federal Aid for the Poor

November 20, 2011

For Immediate Release Sunday, November 20, 2011 WASHINGTON – Religious Americans sent a clear message to members of the so-called Congressional Super Committee this weekend, and to all members of Congress and the Administration, that cuts to programs that assist the most at-risk families and children in the United States and abroad will not be tolerated on their watch. Throughout… 

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Religious Leaders Arrested in U.S. Capitol Rotunda Have Their Day in Court

October 11, 2011

For Immediate Release October 11, 2011 WASHINGTON – The 11 religious leaders arrested on July 28 while praying on behalf of the nation’s most vulnerable in the Capitol Rotunda were in court this morning to discuss the misdemeanor, “Intention to Disrupt Congress,” charge brought against them. The United States Attorney agreed to dismiss the charges against the “Rotunda 11” if… 

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Opening Statement: National Advocacy Call and Webinar – The Faithful Budget Campaign

September 27, 2011

By Douglas G. Grace, M.Div., S.T.M., National Coordinator, Ecumenical Advocacy Days for Global Peace with Justice September 27, 2011, Noon (EDT) Good afternoon and welcome to The Faithful Budget Campaign national advocacy call and webinar.  My name is Douglas Grace, and I am the Coordinator of Ecumenical Advocacy Days for Global Peace with Justice.  On behalf of the Washington, DC based staff of… 

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Ecumenical Advocacy Days Announces 2012 Theme Focusing on Moral Implications of U.S. Budget Priorities

August 18, 2011

For immediate release August 18, 2011 Is THIS the Fast I Seek?: Economy, Livelihood and Our National Priorities (Isaiah 58) March 23 – 26, 2012 | Washington, DC WASHINGTON – In this era of economic and political urgency, as critical decisions will continue to be made about U.S. federal budget priorities and as national elections are fast approaching, Ecumenical Advocacy Days (EAD) asks, “Is… 

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Faith Community to Launch Grassroots Campaign to Protect Funding for Anti-Poverty Programs

August 3, 2011

For immediate release August 3, 2011 WASHINGTON – One day after President Obama signed legislation raising the debt ceiling and creating a Congressional “Super Committee” to address the nation’s mounting debt, senior religious leaders representing the Christian, Jewish and Muslim faiths announced plans to expand their campaign to ensure the Administration and Congress do not balance the budget on the… 

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Faith Leaders Arrested in Capitol Hill Protest to Protect the Poor

July 29, 2011

For immediate release July 29, 2011 WASHINGTON — Frustrated that their pleas to the Administration and Congress to protect funding for the nation’s most vulnerable are being ignored, nearly a dozen leaders from the faith community were arrested in the Rotunda of the U.S. Capitol Building on Thursday, July 28th. Despite repeated warnings from the U.S. Capitol Police, the leaders refused to end… 

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