Exploitation and Migration in Haiti and the Dominican Republic

Saturday, Mar 22, 2014, 2:45 pm

Haiti and the Dominican Republic are uneasy neighbors, and the disparities between them create tensions and conflicts that manifest in many forms: trafficking, forced repatriations, labor exploitation, xenophobic violence, denationalization and statelessness. Dominican and Haitian civil society, mobilized affected people, international organizations and institutions, and faith based organizations have all worked to resist these expressions of interpersonal and systemic violence, but while some transformative peace-building has taken place at the community level and between some groups, comprehensive solutions to these deep rooted problems have proven elusive. Come join this conversation to learn more about the current situation within and between these two countries, and how different peace-building strategies might be applied to this complex context.


  • Jasmine Huggins, Church World Service
  • Mary Small, Jesuit Refugee Service/USA


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