Climate Justice Simulation Experience

Saturday, Apr 22, 2017, 3:45 pm

This new role-playing exercise helps us understand some of the concerns of an environmentally degraded community. The climate justice simulation experience is based on real situations faced by three U.S. communities in their struggles to contend with and organize around environmental injustices. Through the course of the role-playing simulation, participants will: 1. Gain knowledge about the local conditions that aggravate climate change; 2. Move toward more informed advocacy in solidarity with local communities; 3. Be introduced to the work of three community organizations addressing these particular climate justice issues. Description of the Zones: The simulation includes three zones. Each zone represents one community. The Industrial Zone depicts an urban neighborhood that is dealing with the effects of many toxin-producing plants. The Indigenous Zone describes a Native American community that is facing the results of resource extraction. The Mountaintop Removal Zone portrays a community in Appalachia that is experiencing the negative health and environmental impacts of mountaintop removal. You may use one zone only or all three zones.


Kirsten Rumsey and Mollie Vickery, United Methodist Women


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