A Plan for Peace for All: Need for Afro-Colombian and Indigenous Voices in Colombia’s Peace Process

Sunday, Apr 17, 2016, 2:00 pm

Co-sponsored by the Latin America & the Caribbean and  Peace and Global Security Workshop Areas

This year Colombia stands on the brink of reaching peace accords to end a fifty-year war that has left 220,000 dead. Yet for peace to truly be lasting and sustainable, Colombia’s leaders and the international community accompanying the process must recognize and listen to the voices of all victims of the conflict, particularly Afro-Colombian and indigenous communities that have suffered disproportionately from abuses, violence, and forced displacement. While Plan Colombia is touted as a huge success in the United States, for these communities it is synonymous with war, extrajudicial killings, and human and land rights violations. Speakers will discuss the particular concerns of Afro-Colombian and indigenous communities and how the international faith and civil society community can support the way forward toward lasting peace.



  • Father Sterlin Lodono, Pastoral Afro-Colombiana, Diocesis de Yuto and CONPA
  • Yvonne Caicendo, Foro-Inter Etnico Solidaridad Choco (FISCH) and CONPA
  • Marino Cordoba, AFRODES and CONPA

Sponsors: CONPA, Washington Office on Latin America, Latin America Working Group Education Fund, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America


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