Proposals to Dismantle the Safety Net – and the Potential Impact on People of Color

Saturday, Apr 22, 2017, 2:00 pm

This interactive workshop will focus on the impact that dismantling safety net programs (i.e. SNAP, formerly Food Stamps) and Medicaid will have on communities of color. We will review specific proposals, the timelines of these threats, and discuss ways to protect core safety net programs. This workshop includes group discussion and a train-the-trainer exercise, where participants will create their own “laser talk” (a short elevator pitch to use with a policymaker) for their own advocacy efforts and learn how to train others back home to do the same. Participants will learn how to adapt this into different advocacy strategies, including emails and longer in-person meetings with congressional members.


Meredith Dodson, RESULTS; Yolanda Gordon, RESULTS; Marlysa Gamblin, Bread for the World; Jane Adams, Bread for the World


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