The Face of Modern Day Slavery: Identifying and Responding to Trafficking in America

Saturday, Apr 18, 2015, 2:00 pm

This workshop will focus on community, and service based intervention to human trafficking.  It will specifically look how misperceptions of trafficking and who a victim is, are barriers to identifying, intervening, or preventing modern day slavery.  It will also touch on how current policies and program structures present challenges to serving the unique needs of this vulnerable population.  Participants will be presented with how the Catholic and other faith communities are responding, as well as ways in which they can engage with local service providers and their churches to identify and respond to human trafficking.


Moderator: Hillary Chester, Associate Director of Anti-Trafficking Programs, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops


Marissa Castellanos, Human Trafficking Program Manager, Catholic Charities of Louisville

Diane Baird, Program Manager, Refugee Services Division, Lutheran Social Services of Michigan

Representative of The Salvation Army


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