The Moral Cost of War: Conscientious Objection to War & Alternatives to Paying for War

Saturday, Mar 22, 2014, 11:00 am

This workshop will be jointly presented by the Center on Conscience & War & the National Campaign for a Peace Tax Fund.

This workshop will focus on the true costs of war for society and individuals. It will present the cases of the men and women presently serving in our Armed Forces who because of conscience are seeking discharge as conscientious objectors to war, as well as, those civilians seeking relief from paying for war.

Presentations of instances of conscription and revenue refusal as economic and political noncooperation throughout recorded history and modern day examples of Peace Tax Funds around the globe as alternatives to the enforced collection of war taxes will be offered.

Discussion of the philosophy of noncooperation and religious responses to the organized violence of war and the development of resistance to war as a human right will be facilitated.  Resources will be made available on these topics including materials from historic peace churches, conscientious objector organizations, war tax resistance movements and economic and legislative alternatives as exemplified by Peoples Life Funds and Peace Tax Funds to encourage and enable the workshop participants to raise these subjects in their home communities.


  • Jack Payden-Travers, National Campaign for a Peace Tax Fund in Washington, DC.
  • Maria Santelli, Center on Conscience & War


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